“You’re dangerous, because you exist.” ~ Agent Control

Welcome to the official home of Lost Horizon Films and Lost Horizon Entertainment. We create stories that matter. Stories that explore the human condition. Stories that ask “why”? Stories that challenge your senses and your preconceived notions. And ultimately, it is hoped, stories that entertain.

Lost Horizon was formed in 2013 in the hills of San Rafael, California. We are at the apex of film making: in a valley where the Skywalker family was brought to life, a Golden Gate Bridge away from the Godfather of modern drama, and minutes away from where a Polar Express once roared. It’s a region rich with grapes, sun-drenched hills, and cinematic alchemy. Lost Horizon picks up the baton and continues the tradition of fine film making.

So sit back. The curtain is about to rise. Enjoy the show.