“Batkid Begins” wows the nation!


What a wild ride it’s been with Team Batkid! In the last several months we have:

* had a simply AMAZING poster for our festival run illustrated by the one, the only, Drew Struzan, who’s film poster credits reads like a Top Ten list: Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Back To The Future. Blade Runner. Harry Potter. Speechless. We love you, Drew!

* sold the adaptation rights to Batkid and Patricia Wilson’s (Director of SF Make-A-Wish) story to Julia Roberts and a group of investors/producers

* premiered as the Opening Film at Slamdance (during Sundance’s festival)

* opened Cinequest in San Jose, winning their Audience Award

* won numerous awards at several high-profile festivals (Ashland, Omaha, and more)

* sold the documentary to Warner Brothers/New Line, who have been WONDERFUL to us!

* saw the film open in theaters nationwide June 26, 2015

* Rotten Tomatoes gives us an aggregate score of 81% critics/90% audience — and we’re certified fresh!

* film is still playing going into August

Drew Struzan’s beautiful-beyond-words poster:


The theatrical release poster from Warner Brothers:


I’m extremely humbled and flattered by the attention the film has received, and the reviews for the animation work. This has gone beyond my wildest expectations. It doesn’t get much better:

“​…there are a few flashes of innovative filmmaking at work as well. In one of “Batkid’s”​ most inspired sequences, animator Rob Simmons’​ comic book panels help illustrate the diagnosis and ordeal Miles and his parents, Nick and Natalie, endured during the illness he had been diagnosed with at just 18 months old.”​ San Jose Mercury News

“​…zippy comic book graphics”​ RogerEbert.com

“​…cogent graphic novel-style animation”​ The Hollywood Reporter

“​…inventive comic book animation”​ Fandango.com

“​…cheeringly superheroic comic-strip animation” GrouchoReviews.com


Wow. In a word, wow. And thank you, to everyone who has seen the film and had kind things to say about it. We love your support!


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