The Forest Eater 2018 update/trailer

2018! How time flies between posts. I’ve been so preoccupied with other responsibilities that I never posted an update to The Forest Eater. For starters, here’s the trailer. Click on the link below:

The Forest Eater :30 trailer

Update on the film, May 2018

Over the course of late 2016/2017 the film was entered in 12-14 different festivals across the country but was not accepted into any. While this is frustrating, I am staying positive. This is my first attempt at getting a film submitted to a festival, after all, and it’s too small a sampling size from what I understand. After talking with some filmmaker friends, they grounded me with a dose of reality; one friend told me that she had submitted one of her first films to a hundred or more festivals before being accepted. So, I just need to shift my perspective with regards to my results. Most of my friends have assured me that the film itself is good — some have said it could use some edits for story clarity — but it’s an overall good film, shot well, contains an interesting premise and characters, and strikes the right mood.

With this in mind, I will likely take some of the notes I’ve received from Kurt Kuenne (a respected filmmaker friend), make a few edits, and resubmit the film. Stay tuned.