In development: “The Forest Eater”


In pre-production on a new short film, “The Forest Eater”, about two loggers who enter the woods…and uncover a sinister, long forgotten secret.

I’m proud to announce the very talented and charming Macleod Andrews will be joining our cast as Ray Daniels, and the veteran pro Carl Chamberlain, who appeared in “The Device”, will be returning as Tommy. We are still looking to fill out a couple of other roles.

In addition to a festival run, our hope is to use this short as a springboard for funding a feature-length film. Check back for more casting and production news and photos.

UPDATE: We have filled two other roles, that of Jon and and the mysterious Mr. Kotodama. The superb talents of Evan Dumouchel (They Look Like People) and Joshua Thies round out this wonderful cast!


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